Welcome on Isrion RPG tabletop game. This game is a new system that makes tabletop playing more easier to play wich makes the game more fun then studding guides.

In this new game system we add always in every campaign a few cities where you can travel too. Where you can buy food, drinks, gear, info, new skills or you can buy yourself a home in that town so when you are back from your journey that you have a home to stay instead of paying for sleeping in an inn.

Check out our wiki page how you play this game.
The adventure starts at Land Of Tirmilli

This land has grassland but also a desert and with easy enemies and cities to explore. This area is mend to learn to game system but also contain quests for get you up in level to get on another board area which not show what there is until you reached that level when you can go there.

Isrion RPG